Skiing with the Stars 2015

Over 230 children opened the ski season on the plastic piste in Aurisina, Trieste.

Sunday, september 13 2015, the Olympic Stars and the Ski Club 70 of Trieste organized, at NEVE&SOLE Center, the 2nd edition of “SKIING WITH THE STARS”.

After the success of the first edition, the organizing Committee has thought to promote again the snow sports, giving the chance to the kids and families to discover and to practice the alpine and nordic ski (cross-country).

The Ski Club 70, with more than 40 years of experience, offered with enthusiasm his partnership, opening the Sport Centre, located in the beauty karst, where there is the famous plastic piste. This course, the first and only one in Italy, is dedicated to the alpine ski and snowboard disciplines. The technical specifications are: length 180m, 40m average width and a slope from 18 to 33%. The “tapis roulant” is 114m long and by its motive power of 11kW it’s able to move, on a “Ruff Top” surface, a maximum capacity of 1440 people per hour. At the bottom of the trail there is a cross country track (1.060m length and a vertical drop of 35m), immersed in natural and unique karst.

All the participants took part in a free one-hour lesson with federal Instructors and Olympic Athletes who welcomed the kids. At the end of each lesson, all the kids received a certificate of participation.

The day started at 09:00 and it finished in the late afternoon. At 11:00 it took place a short inaugural Event with the Organizers and Authorities and after that the olympic athletes have been introduced: Walter Bormolini (freestyler), Corinna Boccacini (snowboarder), Chiara Calligaris, Giulia Pignolo (sailors) and Ibolya Nagy (diver).

SKIING WITH THE STARS was the prologue of the opening of the kids/children fall/autumn courses of the Aurisina ski school.

Trieste, september 13 2015


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